We empower people facing barriers to employment to provide quality goods and services

  • JustPotters

    We work passionately to offer high-quality classes, workshops and ceramic wares. Check out some of our latest offerings.

  • JustCatering

    We provide fresh and delicious food for social, corporate and special events. We are dedicated to making food that is good to eat and good for you.

By providing work, we help:

Foster self-esteem

We believe each person has skills and values to offer. Work provides a context for people share these with others and be proud of what they’ve made.

Advance social and economic justice

We pay our employees a fair wage for their work. Earning an income reminds people of their dignity and helps reduce income inequality.

Provide community

Work is more than just earning a paycheck. Producing something together with others also builds friendship and creates a sense of belonging.

Develop health and well-being

People who work only a few hours per week show a vast improvement in overall physical and mental health compared with those who don’t.

  • Careers

    We’re always looking for people with a heart towards others and a desire to do good work.

  • Volunteer

    We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available for peole who want to help serve our broader mission.

  • Donate

    Partner with us to provide meaningful work for people with employment barriers.

Linda Obira-Darko loves to cook

She can often be found working with JustCatering staff baking desserts for an upcoming event. Linda was firstdrawn to JustCatering because of her love for baking andher desire to work with people. When we asked Linda what she enjoysmost about her catering work, Linda said, “The flexibility ofhours, the personal support, and the friendly workenvironment are what I like most.”