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Fill out our catering request form on this site and we'll get back to you soon about your event
We require at least one week advance booking (invoice sent and confirmed) in order to provide quality service from our cooks and servers. We thank you for your timely bookings. For functions with over 50 people, we require two weeks advance booking.
A deposit of 40% is required when a quote is accepted, the remainder is due when the job is completed.
For a full refund we require two weeks notice. For refund minus deposit, cancellation needs to be made with one week notice. Unfortunately any functions cancelled within two days or less to the date of function will be charged the full fee.
$20 delivery fee applies for all events in Vancouver. Additional fees may apply for events outside of the City of Vancouver. Just Catering offers a pick-up option at no additional charge from our commissary kitchen, located at 3350 E 5th Ave in East Vancouver.
Just Catering provides heated chaffing dishes, platters and serving utensils for functions that include our staffing service. We will pick up all catering equipment including any dishes used within 48 hours of your event date free of charge.
Just Catering provides china plate service for functions of up to 50 people (including plates, napkins, and flatware). We are also able to provide compostable and recyclable place settings. For functions serving over 50 people we are happy to provide affordable recommendations for dishware rental services.
We are happy to provide helpful and friendly JustCatering staff for your function. Staffing fees are charged at $25 per hour/per person.
Gratuities - tipping for our service is entirely voluntary. 100% of tips we receive at events are directed to our cooks and serving staff. If you’d like to add a tip with a percentage or set amount of your choosing to your order, please let us know and we'll add this to your final invoice.

Meal Subscription

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
Yes, if you would like to skip your meal for a week or two then just let us know and we'll postpone it for a week.
All orders placed by Thursday evening will be ready for pickup on Wednesday of the following week. All subscriptions orders after that time will be ready the week after that.
Meal pickups are available from 2-6pm every Wednesday at 1803 E 1st Ave. Simply use the door buzzer located on Salsbury Ave to get your meal.