Firing Services

Complete your work at home and fire your pieces with us!

We have a 6 cubic foot kiln for bisque and a 9.5 cubic foot kiln for glaze. All clay and glazes must be rated to cone 6 to be fired in our kilns. We require proof of your clay body and request a test tile of your glaze be fired in our kiln to ensure it will be successful.

We only accept glazed pottery which have clean feet and a ¼ inch of exposed clay at the bottom. You must provide cookies if you have less than a ¼ inch of exposed clay. We are not responsible if your glaze runs onto the kiln shelf. 

We require a signed contract, a walk through of the kiln, and your credit card number on file for a maximum of 7 days after the firing is completed in case of damages before firing. 


  • $80 for a bisque firing (cone 06)
  • $100 for a glaze firing (cone 5 with a 30 minute hold). 

Damage Costs:

  • Grinding of the shelves: $25-50
  • Replacement of the shelves: $125
  • Replacement or repair of soft bricks or posts or elements: minimum $25 and goes up determined by damages
  • Replacement of kiln: ~$7500-11,000, depending on supplier and shipping costs
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