• Monthly Donations

    WHAT does it mean for us to have monthly donors? Having monthly donors is like having a strong foundation for a nonprofit. They are the backbone of our organization, providing steady and reliable support that fuels our mission. With their ongoing commitment, we can plan and execute impactful projects, making a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.

    Monthly donors are more than supporters; they are partners in our journey toward positive change. Together, we build a brighter future, one month at a time. Join us today and maximize the power of your donation! Monthly donations can be made through Canada Helps or Charitable Impact.

  • Cheques

    Write cheques out to 'JustWork Economic Initiative' and mail to our office:​

    JustWork Economic Initiative

    1803 East 1st Ave 

    Vancouver, BC

    V5N 1B2


  • Debit

    Only available through BC Credit Union accounts

    With a BC Credit Union account, add JustWork as a payee to make a donation:

    1. Add JustWork as a payee in the bill payments section of your online banking account.
    2. As your account number enter your full name, without spaces (eg. "JohnSmith").
    3. Make a one-time donation (payment), or set up a recurring payment to become a monthly donor.
    4. Please then contact us with your name and address so that we can issue your charitable tax donation.
  • Charitable Impact

    For those who use Charitable Impact, click below for our profile to make one time or monthly donations.

  • Canada Helps

    For those who use Canada Helps, click below for our profile to make one time or monthly donations.

*Charitable Registration Number: 845863125RR0001

Disclaimer: All donations will first be expended for the donor’s designated use, but where the need of the original purpose has been met or the appeal is closed, the remaining funds will be used as directed by the senior staff and board.