Our Mandate

We empower those facing barriers with work opportunities, eliciting their gifts and ability to contribute to the common good.

  • Vocation

    We believe all people have unique gifts they can contribute towards society k and we aim to provide a work environment that draws out these gifts inherent in each person.

  • Justice

    We strive to provide a work situation that works with employees abilities and limits as opposed to exploiting them. This often means finding ways to side with those whose voiced are diminished or overlooked.

The importance of

Meeting practical needs

We pay our employees a fair wage for their work. Earning an income reminds people of their dignity and helps reduce income inequality.

Providing dignity

We always aim to provide a place where employees feel valued. We also ensure they can take pride in the products and services we offer.

Strong Community

Work is more than just earning a paycheck. Producing something together with others also builds friendship and creates a sense of belonging.

  • People with moderate disabilities are far less likely to be employed despite representing over on fifth of the population. Yet, many people with disabilities have the ability and interest to work. They just aren't given the opportunity.

  • 22%

    of Canadians have a Disability

    That's over 6 million people who are15 years and older.

  • 39%

    of People with Disability

    aren't in school or employed and are able to work

  • 645k

    People with Disability

    aged 25 to 64 are able to enter the workforce

  • 59%

    Disability Employment Rate

    compared to 80% for the general population

  • 24%

    Employment Rate Variance

    for people with moderate disabilities versus those with severe disabilities

  • 3x

    Poverty likelihood

    28% of people with a moderate disability live in poverty compared to 10% of the general population

We see our efforts as a way to advance social and economical justice through the realm of work.

  • 22%


    The amount of people we provide supportive employment to through our enterprises

  • 2%

    Donation Leverage

    Every dollar equates to a total impact of $2.00 as a result of income from our social enterprises

  • 92%

    Increase in Income

    Amount of additional wages per year someone on disability can earn