Our valued

In more than one way, we all stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us, and rely on others now beside us. Our work would not be possible without the valuable contribution of many of our supporters; customers, volunteers, donors. To all of them we are thankful.

  • ​Grandview Calvary Baptist Church has been a community of people committed to the well-being of the East side of Vancouver. JustWork emerged from Grandview Calvary’s vision of hospitality. We continue to work alongside the church in the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood.

Community partners

JustWork works closely with like-minded community initiatives, including those that have emerged from the Grandview Calvary community, and Tenth Avenue Alliance Church. All of these work to support vulnerable people in our communities.

Tenth Church

Salsbury Community Society


Exchange Inner City

Buy Social Canada


Business partners

Support we have received from the business community has been key for the success of our work. These are some of the like-minded and high-spirited organizations that we are associated with.

Connor, Clark & Lunn

BlueShore Financial


  • "Gifts that have meaning have a bigger impact. The appreciation for the handcrafted pottery is amplified once where it was made is realized, and the sheer delight is obvious. The professionalism, quality, and workmanship at JustPotters impressed us greatly; we can’t wait to order again!"

    --Kathryn Lewis,UBC Faculty of Medicine - Admin. Manager

  • "I ordered mugs from JustPotters on two occasions. The first time for a corporate recognition piece and the second for my volunteer recognition gifts. These mugs were very well-received, and I felt good knowing that I had supported my local community at the same time. The mugs feel great in your hands. It's definitely my go-to mug in the morning. Hopefully that good feeling transfers to our supporters as well. Much thanks for making such a great product."

     --Brooke McAllister, Make-a-Wish Foundation - Volunteer Coordinator

  • Column

    "Many thanks for the exceptional care you put into the catering of our event. Everyone raved about the quality of the food and the professional service...

    In fact, we are still hearing comments about how wonderful it all was. And we would not have catered at all if we couldn’t have done it in a socially responsible way by supporting JustCatering. I am so glad we could have you as part of our day."

    --Sandra van der Shaff